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Digital advertisment makes easy to advertise your business

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Just digtial ads is a leading classified portal for digital advertisement. Find nearest advertisement agency to advertise with us. If you want to earn money , than you can make request to become agency partner with us. After register with us, your account will be approved with in 24 hours. New agency partner account creation charge is Rs. 99 only. We will provide user name and password for agency account. From your account you will create unlimited ads for near by people, who wants to advertise in digital platform.

Digital Advertiser

We creates digital ads. Its easy to create for advertiser.Print media, TV channels and hording ads are much expensive than digital ads. You can share your ad on facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, google plus, pintrest etc. It brings more audiance target to you. Digital ads can share on social media.

Local Vocal

People who have business related Fashion and Lifestyle can post their ads with us. Fashion shops are Clothes shops, Jewelry Shop, beauty parlor, Mehendi Shop, Cosmetic shop, Spa, Salon, etc. you can post your ads for getting more customers near you.

Earn money online

We provide agency partner program in justdigital ads. If you are eager to earn money online, than make request to become a agency partner with us. You should fill the below form. After approving your account, you can advertise with us with attractive features.For each ad you will get money from person who want to advertise.You will get 50% commision for each ad.

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